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Bonney Forge Corporation

Bonney Forge, founded in 1876, initially forged and finished hardware for horse drawn wagons. The company’s product line, all requiring metal working and machining, evolved during the first half of the 20th century. The products included hand tools, military hardware and commercial forgings. In the second half of the century the company entered the fittings and valve markets with the introduction of the Olet® fitting line. Subsequently complementary products were added including forged steel fittings, forged steel valves and more recently cast steel valves. The company was privately owned until 1967, when it was sold to Gulf & Western Industries. Under Gulf & Western, Bonney continued to produce valves and fittings at plants located in the USA and Italy. Bonney Forge remained a Gulf & Western company until 1984 when John Leone led a successful leverage buyout from Gulf & Western. Since that time, Bonney Forge has remained a private, closely held family owned company.

For more than a century, Bonney Forge has achieved manufacturing excellence through the detailed attention to customer’s needs and producing consistently superior flow control products. Today, the Bonney Forge name is synonymous with quality that exceeds all industry standards.

Our Mission

To be, today and in the future, the recognized leader in our industry, marketing and manufacturing forged steel valves, cast steel valves, forged fittings, branch connections and other related products to satisfy our customer’s expectations.

To be cost effective through Total Quality performance of these operations, and thus provide the resources required to support our commitment to improve our products, processes and customer service.

To be a law abiding corporate citizen respecting the rights of individuals, contributing to the needs of the community and conserving the state of the environment.

Bonney Forge Corporation
Bonney Forge Corporation
14496 Croghan Pike
Mount Union
United States
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