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Over the years DIESSE has succesfully developed its know how in the liquid measuring instrument sector and has registered own patents.

Today, the company is one of the most well-known level gauge manufacturers in the business.

The DIESSE products range covers:

– Glass Level Gauges bottone origine
– Magnetic Level Gauges
– Cylindrical Plug Cocks
– Blow Down Valves
– Needle Valves
– Flow Indicators
– Coils
– Valves

Our products are suitable for most industrial process applications and general boiler applications as well.


Wide skills base and teamwork help us achieve our business objectives.

High product quality thanks to our careful selection of Italian and European-only materials and through supplier assessment/qualification process.

Customer care:

  • Customer special projects development
  • Immediate response to customer requests
  • Extreme flexibility in terms of production processes and deadlines
  • Attention to details and professionalism in identifying the most suitable technical solution for particular applications or customer need

Strong customer loyalty: For years now we can count on the satisfaction and loyalty of many customers

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