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Durlon® Sealing Solutions

Durlon is a multinational manufacturer of high-performance fluid sealing solutions with a history dating back to 1922 and growing ever since. Our global group of companies comprise of Durabla Canada Ltd., Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd., Gasket Resources Inc., Durabla Fluid Controls (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., and Durabla Asia Pte Ltd. Depending on your needs and location, we have you covered!

The Durlon brand represents global leadership in sealing solutions with proven reliability, innovative processes and sustainable integrity in a wide range of demanding applications. We assure high-quality, environmentally friendly sealing products from our CNA and PTFE sheets & gaskets to our flexible, metallic and high temperature materials. Our innovative solutions have become critical components in a wide range of global industries – oil & gas, chemical processing and power generation to name just a few.

Through continuous testing, published data, and field measurements, it has been proven that Durlon® products seal as tight, or tighter, under various applications than any other brand. In a low carbon world, tighter sealing is the difference between an accidental release and zero emissions. Our commitment is to helping others achieve today’s challenging emissions standards. Durlon has been and will continue to be dedicated to fugitive emissions containment.

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Durlon® Sealing Solutions



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