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Guided Ultrasonics Limited (GUL) was established in 1999 by members of a research team at Imperial College’s Mechanical Engineering Department and is now the global leader in the provision of guided wave pipe testing equipment, training and services. Guided Wave Testing (GWT) is a relatively new non-destructive testing (NDT) method, which has been pioneered by GUL since its incorporation and the company has led the way in setting the standard for pipeline inspection and monitoring globally. GUL is committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of our clients as well as the wider industry.

Our mission is to remain the global leader in the development and delivery of innovative, visionary and essential technologies and services that serve our client base, primarily by the use of guided wave technologies for inspection and monitoring of pipes, plates, structures or systems.

Our quality management system is critical to GUL’s ability to compete and establish technical and commercial leadership. GUL’s quality management system is running according to ISO 9001:2015 and is accredited by a UKAS authorised organisation for the products, services and training provided by the company. All levels of the company use the system to support and facilitate continuous improvement.

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