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A 40-year Legacy of High-Quality Environmentally Safe Seal-Less Pumps

WARRENDER has served as a leading pump company, since 1975 meeting challenging Process & OEM Pump systems. We possess the design and engineering expertise to provide our customers with extremely reliable and durable pumps at value-driven price range. By providing proven and superior-grade seal-less and Caster Pumps, we have gained extreme industry reputation and have earned the trust of customers from multifarious industrial sectors. We own a rich portfolio of products that are known in the international market for their exceptional quality, unsurpassed performance and unbeatable price range. Thousands of WARRENDER Pumps are currently in service worldwide, providing trouble-free performance in a wide range of industries.

Warrender Seal-less Mag-Drive Pump Capabilities

Today, WARRENDER Pumps are readily available in an expansive range of hydraulic designs encompassing Centrifugal, Multistage, Regenerative Turbine, Rotary Vane and Low NPSH.

Since Warrender pumps have been fabricated using high-grade and corrosion-resistant materials, you don’t need to worry about their longevity and quality. Some of the major first-rated materials used in their construction include:

  • 316-SS Alloy
  • WCB Carbon Steel
  • Hastelloy-C276 and Thermoplastic Polypropylene
  • PVDF
  • FRP- Fiberglass
  • Fluoroplastic ETFE and PFA

Benefit from partnering with Warrender as our pumps are precision engineered to meet the demanding applications in a wide range of industrial sectors. Gain a good return on your investment as our pumps are:

  • Offered in industry standards include API-610, API-685, ISO-2858, ANSI-B73.1 and Vertical Turbine.
  • Available in Seal-less Magnetic Drive, Canned Motor and Mechanical Seal configurations.
  • Fabricated at WARRENDER Pump factories that meet stringent ISO-9001 quality standards with a culmination of many decades of pump engineering, technical expertise and knowhow.
  • Tested comprehensively for any fault or inefficiency before being shipped to customers’ doorsteps.
  • WARRENDER’s test facilities are among the most formidable in the pump industry.
  • WARRENDER Pumps are backed by both a 12/18 month Warranty and a Performance Guarantee for all approved applications.

The latest WARRENDER seal-less magnetic (mag-drive) pump designs replace earlier Caster Pumps Division configurations (e.g., MCA, MCH, MC-SP, MTA, MT, MT-SP, MPA, MP). These designs include the WMCA alloy centrifugal ISO-2858, API-685 pumps, API-610 pumps, ANSI-B73.1.

WMTA regenerative magnetic turbine pump, WMRA magnetic vane pump, WMCP thermoplastic centrifugal, WMTP thermoplastic regenerative turbine, and WMRP thermoplastic rotary vane – WARRENDER allows an easy transition from earlier Warrender – Caster Pump designs to our new updated seal-less pump program.

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