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New MEGA Loop for High-Pressure Calibration of Natural Gas Meters

9 Dec 2019  |
The MEGA loop will ensure calibration of meter sizes up to 56” with two meters in series, at a flow of up to 85.000 m3/h and a pressure of 65 bar.

The investment will position FORCE Technology as a one-stop shopping facility for gas flow calibration for all meter sizes in both the upstream and downstream sector.

High-pressure calibration is in high demand

Since the opening of the world’s largest loop in 2015, FORCE Technology has experienced an increasing demand from all parts of the world for calibration of large natural gas flow meters at high-pressure and stable flow.

The technology of the calibration loop has proven to ensure customers the lowest possible level of uncertainty, making it a premium choice for both meter manufacturers and end-users in the natural gas custody transfer value chain.

“With the construction of the new MEGA loop, the aim is to increase the capacity for calibrations at high-pressure, reduce waiting times and ensure calibration of all meter sizes and meter systems. By investing in the MEGA loop, we will be able to offer a one-stop shopping solution for gas flow calibration to an even larger international customer base”, says Jesper Busk, Vice President of Gas Flow at FORCE Technology.

Existing calibration technology magnified

As the gas flow meters and the spools applied in the field are getting larger by the year, so are the demands for larger calibration facilities.

The MEGA loop will be two to three times the size of the existing loop, considering the length, the meter section, the meter sizes and maximum flow. It will be based on the same technology and engineering, built as a closed loop with low-pressure loss, operating at stable flow and pressure all year round.

The MEGA loop will have the following technical specifications:

  • Flow of 50.000 m3/h, with a possible increase to 65.000/ 85.000 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 65 bar g
  • Meter lines of 48 meters in length
  • Length compensator of 30”
  • Meter sizes up to 56”
  • Electrical input of 5 MW
  • 6” – 24” turbine meters as working standards
  • Ultrasonic meters as control monitors
  • Gas supply and discharge from a local natural gas transmission pipeline

The proportions of the MEGA loop will open up new opportunities for calibration of long meter systems with two meters in series, which have been in high demand from end-users in the upstream and downstream sectors for many years.

Internal resources to construct the MEGA loop

The MEGA loop will be designed and constructed by the team behind the closed loop at FORCE Technology. The team has extensive experience and knowledge from the engineering and construction of the existing calibration facilities, that are to be applied in the construction of the MEGA loop.

The MEGA loop is the 12th calibration facility constructed by the gas flow team in Vejen, Denmark. The 11 existing calibrations facilities are all accredited by the Danish Accreditation Fund, DANAK. Furthermore, the gas facilities are working at primary level, generating traceability by developing the European natural gas cubic meter.

“By generating traceability with the existing and future facilities, the customers are continuously ensured the lowest possible level of uncertainty when calibrating gas meters at FORCE Technology”, says Jesper Busk. The first calibrations at the MEGA loop are expected to be performed in early 2021.

Specification Existing facilities New MEGA loop
Calibration pressure 0-65 bar / 0-945 PSI Same
Flow10-32,000 m3/h (41,000 m3/h at low pressure)Face 1 (40-50000 m3/h)
Face 2 increase to 65000 m3/h Face 3 increase to 85000 m3/h
Power 2,000 kW 5,000 kW
Meter sizes4”-30” (50”) (100mm – 1,250 mm)12” – 56”
Maximum N flow2.5 mill. Normal m3/h / 3.7 MmcfdFace 1: 4 mill Nm3/h

Click here to contact the Vice President of Gas Flow Department, Jesper Busk.

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