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Precision Redefined: Macnaught's MX25 Series in Agriculture Chem-Stations

17 Jan 2024  |
Discover the future of precision in Agriculture Chem-Stations with Macnaught's MX25 series flow meter.

Application: Agriculture Chem-Station
Volume: 25-30 GPM
Pressure: 10-20 PSI
Temp: Ambient
Media: Various

Meter Data:

MX25 series flow meter (1.6-42 GPM) with anodized aluminum body, PPS rotors, and Viton seal sent initially for validation. Equipped with standard pulse cap (Reed Switch/Hall Effect) and supplied with remote PR display.

Summary of Application:

A manufacturer of Agriculture Chem-Stations was looking for a more reliable and accurate flow meter after having used a nutating disc-type meter on their units for the previous 9 years. Macnaught was selected after exceeding rigorous beta test conditions which included accuracy validation & proving wide turn down capabilities. Accuracy of 0.5% and repeatability of 0.03% was confirmed, and proven to be unaffected by varying chemical viscosities or flow rates. The end-user has varying recipe formulas which require precise flow measurement all with differing flow rates – a center of target application for Macnaught MX Flowmeters. Macnaught MX Flowmeters offer excellent flow technology cost of ownership and outstanding engineering design flexibility.

Unlock the potential of precision in your agricultural operations with Macnaught’s MX25 Series Flow Meter. Ready to delve deeper into the future of accuracy? Click here to learn more about Macnaught’s MX Flowmeters.

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