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Predictive Data to Inform Maintenance of Critical Wastewater Processing Assets

21 Oct 2019  |
Anglian Water approached GILL interested in the 4212 OIL CONDITION SENSOR, with the intention to use it to remotely monitor key wastewater processing assets on treatment works.

Assets including inlet pumps and blowers are run for significant periods of time and any failure can be detrimental both in terms of processing capability and costly downtime waiting for replacement parts.

The intention is to monitor the condition of oil in an inlet pump gearbox to provide predictive alert in advance of changes that may, if unaddressed, lead to a costly failure.


The GILL 4212 SENSOR provided Anglian Water with the opportunity to monitor the reliability of their process equipment through the continuous monitoring of the common causes of lubricant failure:

  • Ferrous debris from moving parts
  • Temperature
  • Moisture

The GILL 4212 SENSOR provides early indication of changes in oil condition allowing for proactive scheduling of maintenance in advance of equipment failure.

After conducting site surveys, the GILL 4212 SENSOR has been installed on a gearbox driving an inlet pump at Newmarket WRC (Water Recycling Centre). This is part of the Innovation ‘Shop Window’ created by Anglian Water to showcase new technologies within a real and meaningful operational environment.

The sensor was easy to install as it effectively replaces the existing sump plug and can be installed as part of a regular oil change without any need for specialist resources. The sensor can then be linked directly to client telemetry systems or operated as a stand-alone unit with a visual display showing changes in oil condition.

GILL and Anglian Water are working together to test the application of the sensor and the associated benefits case for this application.

The GILL 4212 SENSOR will provide insight to enable mitigation against the risk of asset failure and provide significant Total Expenditure (TOTEX) savings in extending asset life and enabling smarter use of maintenance resource.


The GILL 4212 SENSOR provides Water Companies with significant operational benefits:

  • Continuous remote ‘real time’ monitoring
  • Low skilled / cost to install
  • Multiple outlet threads to accommodate wide range of assets
  • 4 measurement parameters
  • Capture, measurement and monitoring of ferrous debris

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