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SEKO’s IoT-Enabled Wash Series Revolutionizes Commercial Laundry

SEKO’s IoT-Enabled Wash Series Revolutionizes Commercial Laundry

Commercial and on-premise laundry managers looking to reduce chemical, water, and energy consumption and improve operational efficiency choose SEKO’s WashMulti range, which offers monitoring and control of chemical dosing from any location courtesy of the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

WashMulti is an intelligent centralized dosing system capable of ultra-precise injection of chemicals such as detergent and fabric softener for up to 10 washer-extractors, with a modular design meaning the system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional machines as needs change.

WashMulti is available as a peristaltic, solenoid, or pneumatic diaphragm pump-based system and, along with its ability to dose up to 50 meters away for optimum space management, takes operational efficiency to the next level with a connection to SekoWeb, the unique smartphone app, and an online portal.

SekoWeb allows the operator to view live and historical data on demand – such as chemical consumption, system status, and machine health – from anywhere via their smart device. With this information at their fingertips 24/7, managers can adjust programs and plan maintenance without even needing to be on site.

This flexibility is invaluable for managers responsible for multiple sites or for those working from home, helping to reduce unnecessary service visits which in turn cuts environmental impact and travel costs.

With the ability to monitor and refine formulas at any time, users can make immediate improvements to wash performance, chemical, water and energy consumption, and service frequency for a new standard of operational efficiency.

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