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TWTG receives North America certification

9 Jan 2023  |

Rotterdam, 9th January 2023. After a strong reception in Europe, TWTG’s latest set of NEON devices is now ready to be rolled-out in North America.

TWTG has received FCC, FM, and IC certification for both the NEON Temperature Transmitter and the NEON Vibration Sensor, opening up opportunities for North American customers, and for those already using these devices in Europe and Asia over the past year to begin implementations in the US and Canada.

“Our international customers have spent much time testing and validating the results, mainly against wired temperature measurement instruments and against traditional handheld vibration measurement systems. With the devices proving to make monitoring easier and more reliable in the two regions that were early adopters of LoRaWAN, the path has been paved for US and Canadian sites to commence the roll-out of wireless sensors”, says Nadine Herrwerth, CEO at TWTG.

This step sets a precedent for the development work for all new NEON devices, which will follow the approach where all new devices will immediately be available for all three key regions, Europe, Singapore and North America, speeding up the possibility to work with the Oil and Gas majors worldwide.

Additional certifications will of course also be available on request and in collaboration with our customers.

More information on the NEON Temperature Transmitter can be found here and more information on the NEON Vibration Sensor can be found here.

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