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User Interface Enhancements for the Pump Portal® IoT Remote Pump Monitoring System

20 May 2020  |
See Water, Inc., an industry-leading developer and manufacturer of innovative electronic pump control panels for water and wastewater operations, proudly introduces the latest web interface improvements to its cutting-edge IoT remote pump monitoring system, Pump Portal®.

“We are always striving to push the envelope with this technology so that our customers can leverage the maximum benefit out of using this system to manage their pump stations,” said Ken Durant, Director of Sales & Marketing. “These updates introduce a more user-friendly web interface with many more advanced and customizable settings.”

The enhancements include a new overall look and appearance; improved speed and performance; a new Connection Status icon/view; enhanced graphing capabilities; and a new Documents tab that introduces the ability to upload service logs, schematics and installation documents.

The Pump Portal® web interface allows you to monitor and control your pump station from any device and get real-time alerts via text, email or phone call.

Manage your pump station more efficiently with:

  • Remote Monitoring: Pump Portal® provides the same high quality level of monitoring as traditional See Water systems with the added benefit of remote access. Cellular connectivity enables deployments in remote locations without the concern of network interruptions.
  • Data Insights: Pump Portal® provides data logging, dashboards and data export of critical metrics for your pump station. Plus, it comes integrated with the local weather report to log and forecast precipitation. The system utilizes data to provide reports and smart alerts.
  • Centralization: Centralize the management of your pump station regardless of the size of the operation. Pump Portal® is a single platform you can use to manage your pump monitoring needs and get instant access to stored data, reports, service logs and much more.
  • Unlimited Technical Support: See Water’s experienced technicians are available to provide unlimited technical support, to answer questions and to resolve problems when they arise.

Using its 25 years of experience building state-of-the-art pump monitoring systems, See Water has identified the ideal set of features to meet industry needs in a wide variety of applications.

  • Remote Pump and Level Settings
    • Mobile and Desktop Web Interface
    • Localized Weather Integration
    • Visual Depiction of Water Levels
    • Visual Depiction of Faults and Alarms
    • Visual Map View of Pump Stations
    • Remote Control Pumps
    • Data Dashboard and Analytics
      Technician Service Logs and File Uploads
  • Data Monitoring and Alerts
    • Real-Time Monitoring of Pump and Water Levels
    • Real-Time Alerts via Voice Message, SMS or Email
    • Error Logs and Device Health
    • CSV Data Export
  • Security and Network
    • Data Encryption over Secure Cellular
    • User Permission Management
    • Multi-Factor Authentication

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