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Vegetable Oil Flow Measurement

29 May 2020  |
CDI currently manufactures a variety of dairy products such as liquid sterilized cream, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk in a variety of types of packaging such as metal cans and Tetrapack aseptic brick packaging.

Products of this company sell under the Melody & Donia brands that compete with international brands in the local and foreign markets. The company has now expanded its product range in this sector and has experienced steady growth.

Recently, CDI has invested in fresh dairy products such as fresh laban drink, flavored & pasteurized milk, cheese, yogurt & juices all in many types of packaging such as tin can, gable top, and plastic packaging.

To increase the production of their sterilized cream, CDI installed (4) mixing tanks. During the process, the powder is manually added to the tank. Finally, vegetable oil is transferred to the mixing tank. CDI needed to accurately measure the oil in the main tank.

Tek-Trol provided a perfect solution in the form of our Tek- Cor 1100A Coriolis Flow meter to measure the full mass of the vegetable oil. Tek-Trol was awarded the contract over some of our top competitors in the industry for our detailed quote and summary, cutting-edge technology, accuracy, and competitive pricing. After successfully commissioning the Coriolis, it was then tested for accuracy against a master weighing scale, and the results were found to exceed expectations.

The range of Trek-Trol’s Coriolis mass flow meters are designed to suit your need to measure almost any fluid, across any application

In almost any industry, from dairy, water, and sugar to power, oil and gas, Tek-trol Technology Solutions can provide expert measurement, automation, and control solutions. 

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