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GF Piping Systems to Show Complete Solutions at Asiawater 2022

GF Piping Systems to Show Complete Solutions at Asiawater 2022
24 Nov 2022  |
ASIAWATER Expo & Forum is a comprehensive international trade fair in Malaysia that focuses on water and wastewater technology for the emerging Asian markets. From December 7 to 9, 2022, GF Piping Systems will present a wide range of products that make water applications more efficient, cost effective, and sustainable.

In order to meet global challenges such as water scarcity, utilities and industries require solutions that that help them optimize their water usage and meet high quality standards. At ASIAWATER 2022, Swiss flow solutions provider GF Piping Systems will therefore display its products for water and wastewater applications, from piping technology and process automation to cooling solutions.

The focus will lie on NeoFlow, the company’s newest pressure regulating valve. NeoFlow prevents over-pressurized pipes by ensuring an accurate, stable flow, as well as an increased flow capacity. Thanks to its axial flow design, the valve does not require an actuator stem or diaphragm. In combination with corrosion-free materials, this simplified construction leads to a long service life and reduced maintenance requirements compared to metal alternatives. NeoFlow additionally features an integrated pilot valve that allows parameters such as flow and water quality to be intelligently monitored and controlled when combined with additional equipment.

As sustainability guidelines become more stringent and production processes become increasingly complex, industrial companies rely on automation to optimize their water usage. Here, GF Piping Systems will display its product range for process automation. This includes components like the Butterfly Valve for water and wastewater applications or the Ball Valve 543 for applications in the water treatment and process industry. Designed with standardized digital interfaces, both valves can be fitted with pneumatic or electric actuators and positioners, while a smart actuator allows operators to monitor and control their valves with a smartphone app. In addition, visitors will be able to experience measurement systems such as ultrasonic flow meters and radar level sensors, as well as a variety of fieldbus connections that give operators full control.

Finally, GF Piping Systems will display product ranges for building technology applications. The Hycleen Automation System is designed to ensure a sanitary and safe potable water supply from one central control unit. It allows relevant system data to be logged and evaluated, either on a touchscreen on-site or remotely with a smartphone application. At the same time visitors will be introduced to ecoCOOL, GF Piping Systems’ newly launched solution for chilled water comfort cooling. The system is pre-insulated, corrosion-free, and fire-resistant, while the plastic carrier pipes increase efficiency with their low thermal conductivity. Thanks to lightweight materials and electrofusion jointing technology, ecoCOOL does not only last longer than metal alternatives but can also be installed up to 60% faster.

Olivier Narbey, Senior Global Business Development Manager, Water Network Performance at GF Piping Systems, looks forward to ASIAWATER 2022: “As experts on cutting-edge piping systems we are very aware of the current water challenges around the world. ASIAWATER 2022 is a great opportunity to display our current solutions for water and wastewater in the emerging Asian markets. We believe that complete solutions can play an important role in saving water resources and creating connections for life.”

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