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Webinar SAI – The Impulse for Pilsner and Grain

1 Sep 2022  |

Seepex’s Smart Air Injection (SAI) is on the run. Therefore, the manufacturer from Bottrop will again provide a series of educational webinars on the energy-efficient system. One will be targeted to professionals in the environmental industry and the other to professionals in breweries and distilleries. It is because the SAI system is so versatile and plays to its strength in various industries, reducing operating costs by more than 75% and increasing process reliability.

Each of the 1 hour webinars provides expert knowledge on SAI which pumps viscous media with a variable dry solids content over long distances. In the environmental industry, it is used to transport dewatered sludge with less energy required than common conveying systems. In breweries and distilleries it is used to energy-efficiently convey spent grains over long distances. In this process, the pumped medium is first compressed in the progressive cavity pump to form long plugs, which are then pneumatically conveyed further along the path by extremely short compressed air pulses of a few seconds. Overall, only very little compressed air is required for conveying. This low energy requirement significantly reduces operating costs. Distances of up to 1,000 meters, with changes in direction, and differences in altitude are possible without any problems.

Seepex will give an insight into the intelligent SAI conveying concept, show application and functional areas, and provide evidence of these with numerous references.

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