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Advanced Meter Verification (AMV): Easy Check, Evaluation and Documentation of Metering Performance

Advanced Meter Verification (AMV): Easy Check, Evaluation and Documentation of Metering Performance
25 Feb 2022  |
With Advanced Meter Verification (AMV), FLEXIM offers a powerful tool for checks, evaluation and documentation of the performance of its FLUXUS ultrasonic flowmeters. FLUXUS measures the flow of liquids, gases, and steam, as well as liquid-based thermal energy flows.

Measurements are performed non-intrusively with clamp-on ultrasonic transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe. Since the transducers do not come into direct contact with the medium flowing inside, they are not subject to wear and tear and operate practically maintenance-free. The acoustic measurement method provides meaningful diagnostic values that can be used to reliably assess the measurement quality. AMV reads this diagnostic data and compares it with an initial reference state stored in the transmitter. This gives the user the assurance that the flow measurement is working properly. If the measurement quality deteriorates, this is clearly indicated in the verification report. Trend analysis enables the predictive planning of maintenance work. Unexpected failures can therefore be avoided.

The easy and convenient on-site measurement validation minimizes the effort for calibration and maintenance. It requires no interruption of measurement and does not interfere with process operation. AMV is intuitive to use and can be carried out by the user or by FLEXIM service technicians.

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As the technological leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement with ultrasound, FLEXIM continuously sets standards. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems FLUXUS measure virtually anything that flows, liquids as well as gases. Today,...

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