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Non-Invasive Mass Flow Measurement In Explosive Areas – PIOX S 831

Non-Invasive Mass Flow Measurement In Explosive Areas – PIOX S 831

FLEXIM is extending its mass flow product portfolio into the explosion zones ATEX 1 by introducing the PIOX S 831. The unique metering system PIOX S uses ultrasonic signals not only to measure the flow speed but also the density of a liquid. This makes it the only non-invasive mass flow meter on the market.

For years the PIOX S has served as the mass flow meter of choice when corrosion, leakage risk, pressure or toxicity made conventional mass flow meters not only costly but a safety risk as well. With the S 831 FLEXIM presents an improved solution for all customers in high-risk explosion areas as well as rugged environments.

From DN15 hydrofluoric acid pipes in a chemical plant to DN100 sodium hydroxide in a refinery to DN400 sulfuric acid pipes for fertilizer production – independent of the pipe size the system’s measuring accuracy and reliability meets all monitoring and control needs.

As the meter is mounted externally to the pipe, there are no moving or vibrating parts that could lead to increased maintenance efforts, no media contact that can lead to corrosion, nor are there any internal components that could cause pressure drops. Besides its high accuracy and reliability, PIOX S features high operational safety: The meter is mounted outside the pipe. Hence, there are no gaskets, no potential leakage points and thus no risk for breaching.

Moreover, the system is highly cost-effective. For installation, no pipework modification is needed, and the system can be installed even with limited space conditions. Capital expenditure is further reduced as PIOX S is highly flexible regarding applicable pipe sizes, does not create inefficient pressure losses and is virtually maintenance-free.

This makes the PIOX S the perfect alternative to the Coriolis mass flow meter. The new 831 series serves chemical applications in refineries, fertilizer plants and explosives production areas that place the highest demand on ATEX and FM ratings. The S 831 will be available from 1st of November onwards.

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