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Cloud Management Streamlines Water Treatment

5 Mar 2020  |
It’s human nature to make mistakes. But when mistakes affect the bottom line, there’s a lot at risk. Maintaining the appropriate chemical levels in your water used to depend on the reliability of your workforce, but with advances in water treatment technology, you can now rely on connected controllers to get the job done.

MicroVision EX programmable, connected controller gived water treaters the flexibility to take care of managing water chemical levels with minimal human interaction.  Employees in the past would be assigned to take care of the chemicals by hand with a control or a continuously running pump while today’s controllers do everything automatically. 

The connected controller, MicroVision EX from Pulsafeeder, offer operators time and cost savings, streamlined operations and troubleshooting capabilities. Many water treaters already rely on connected devices to help manage their chemical operations, but most are unaware of the additional cost-savings available to them by using it in conjunction with a cloud management system, such as PULSAlink from Pulsafeeder. 

Stay connected to your MicroVision EX using your mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Daily information can be received on how a customer’s chemical program is performing and receive instant alerts if the chemicals get out of line. There are significantly fewer failures because water treaters can respond the same day an issue occurs by using PULSAlink. 

Incorporating cloud management systems allows operators to alert the customer of the issue and dispatch a technician to the site right when a problem is detected. A technician would normally service equipment on-site once a month and may show up and discover chemical usage was been out of whack for the last three weeks, and no one knew. 

Now, constant monitoring capabilities with cloud data systems and the ability to tweak levels through a connected device ensure operations run smoothly, regardless of how often technicians are actually on-site. That increase in uptime improves a water treater’s return on contract investments and improves operating margins. The advantage of using the MicroVision EX with cloud management PULSAlink— you can avoid failures because treaters can always react rather quickly once it’s detected. When systems operate at optimal levels without interruption, the increased efficiency and decrease in on-site maintenance can lead to cost-savings. 

While most of the industry is widely incorporating connected controllers, many are losing out on the added advantages of pairing the devices with cloud management systems to improve ROI. Learn how to incorporate a data system with your controller to remotely monitor and address issues while keeping chemical levels in check — because efficient chemical usage means more cost-savings in the long run. 

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