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Revolutionizing Water Treatment: The Compact and Efficient PulsaPro 7440 Pump

Revolutionizing Water Treatment: The Compact and Efficient PulsaPro 7440 Pump
18 Jun 2024  |
Potable water and wastewater treatment demands chemical injection processes that are dependable and accurate. Where space is limited and reliability and convenience are required, the PulsaPro 7440 hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pump from Pulsafeeder has the compact size and features to make operation and maintenance easier and faster.

“The PulsaPro 7440 is ideal for pH control (i.e. sulfuric acid and sodium bisulfite), disinfection (sodium hypochlorite) and odor control,” says Jeff Martin, Product Manager for Pulsafeeder, Inc.. ”It is the next addition to the PulsaPro product line, launched in 2015, the next generation of Pulsafeeder HAD products. This version had more than 10,000 hours of laboratory testing, with over 3000 hours of testing at customer BETA sites for the petrochemical industry.”

The pumps offer flat PTFE diaphragm head configurations for low-viscosity water-like applications. Its elastomeric tube diaphragm arrangements are suitable for thicker fluids, slurries or some solids. Each configuration is available in either metal or plastic wet-end construction. Its hydraulic diagnostics provide immediate visual intelligence about pump and system performance. In addition to its usage in the water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing and power generation industries, it is designed to the API 675 standard for use in oil and gas, and petrochemical facilities. 

A large, easy-to-view hydraulic diagnostic window provides observation of oil condition and proper pump operation saving time troubleshooting. An externally adjustable bypass valve protects the pump from system over-pressurization and quickly adapts to changing process conditions. A push-to-purge button allows for on-demand removal of air from pump hydraulics to avoid wasting energy from inefficient pump operation. The compact size and customizable rotation of stroke control and motor saves valuable facility space and make the pump an easy retrofit.

“The 7440 was just recently launched, but the interest from our distribution network has been high,” says Martin. “Smaller equipment means smaller skids and more economical uses of building infrastructure, along with less power consumption. Our beta test customer bought several and is designing their future systems around this product.”

When precise and accurate chemical delivery matters the PulsaPro 7440 provides dosing accuracy of +/- 0.5% across its operating range, whether the stroke length is set at full capacity or 10% of maximum. It is available with flows up to 1,098 gph and pressures up to 3,200 psig.

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