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EMICA Launches Its New Family of Magnetically Driven Pumps

16 Dec 2020  |
EMICA launches its new family of magnetically driven pumps, specially conceived for the chemical industry in general.

These pumps can especially be used for processes whose fluids to be pumped are corrosive, toxic, of high value or operating in potentially explosive ATEX atmospheres:

  • Agricultural chemical industry, such as pesticides and fertilizers
  • Food processing
  • Oil refining
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pharmaceutical industry

EAGLE-BURGMANN, a renowned mechanical seal manufacturer with experience in this technology since 1988, has collaborated in the design.

Main features

  • CAN manufactured in materials suitable for the liquid to be pumped and especially indicated for loss reduction (Eddy Losses), such as Hastelloy.
  • Pressure up to 25 bar
  • T = 120ºC
  • Allows solids with a diameter of 0.1 mm and 700 Hv of hardness at 5% concentration in the fluid
  • MAGNETS in ndFeB. The magnet does not suffer wear or loss of torque unless overheating occurs.

Special Custom Pumps – Interchangeability

The replacement of conventional sealing pumps by others with magnetic drive can be carried out with ease, since they comply with ISO 2858-dimensional standard, being able to replace each other without changes in the user’s installation.

These pumps can also be built in monobloc configuration. With this configuration, the space occupied by the equipment is reduced and assembly and maintenance tasks are simplified, as the pump-motor alignment operation is not necessary. Other applicable standards in terms of design are ISO 5199 and ISO 15783.

The design of these pumps is specific to each case, depending on the characteristics of the fluid and the service conditions.

First experience

In 2019, EMICA delivered the first 10 units of MAG-type pumps to Asturiana de Zinc (Glencore Group) to be installed at the plant in San Juan de Nieva (Castrillón- Asturias)

The first ones that came into operation were used to load tanks with sulfuric acid 98%, (Q = 50m3 / h; H = 14mcl; Motor: 11Kw / 960RPM).

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