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Expert interview on hydrogen: "This will revolutionize the EU energy market" 

15 Jun 2022  |

Mechanical and plant engineering companies play a crucial role in the topic of climate protection. To concentrate the potential of its members, the VDMA already founded a platform in 2018 that deals with the specific challenges of Power-to-X projects (P2X). The industrial valve manufacturer AS-Schneider is part of this network and wants to actively promote the energy transition through its commitment. In an expert interview with Dr. Carola Kantz from the VDMA network, it becomes clear what enormous potential hydrogen and Power-to-X technologies have at the EU level.

 Power-to-X technologies are considered the favored solution when it comes to becoming independent of fossil fuels. The principle is simple: renewable electricity for example from wind, water or sun as primary energy is converted into an energy carrier. Hydrogen has the advantage in P2X applications that it can be used directly. “But hydrogen can also be converted into other energy carriers. We see it and its derivatives playing a major role in the field of synthetic fuels and in industrial applications,” says Dr. Carola Kantz, deputy managing director of the VDMA’s Power-to-X for Applications network. “Basically, every Power-to-X process starts with the production of hydrogen,” she explains. 

 VDMA’s cross-industry portal serves the entire P2X community. It integrates all relevant stakeholders and key players involved in the value chain. These include developers of production processes, component manufacturers, producers of synthetic energies and raw materials that use P2X technologies, as well as end users. Dr. Carola Kantz explains, “Mechanical and plant engineering companies can drive innovation through the network. Thinking in terms of value chains opens a door for smaller companies to reposition themselves in the market when it comes to hydrogen and P2X. Their competencies and offerings are of great importance to the P2X community.” 

Where is the journey heading? 

“We are at the beginning of a turnaround that is only just beginning,” summarizes Dr. Carola Kantz. The VDMA foresees that both hydrogen and other Power-to-X products will become internationally traded energy carriers. “What used to be gas and oil will be hydrogen and its derivatives in 20 years. And that is a huge upheaval of the entire energy market worldwide,” the hydrogen expert knows. 

Dr. Carola Kantz

A two-day “Power-to-X Conference” is planned for September 19 and 20, 2022. “We will address the topics of hydrogen production and application there and hopefully be able to welcome many hydrogen and P2X enthusiasts,” the deputy managing director of the VDMA network is pleased to say. 

Meanwhile, more than 160 companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are active in the P2X community of the VDMA. This also includes AS-Schneider. As a member of the network, the industrial valve manufacturer wants to contribute its part to the development of efficient and emission-reducing technologies. 

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