Fast Coupling Device REconnect

Fast Coupling Device REconnect
LABOM, manufacturer of industrial measuring devices based in Hude, has registered a new product patent: a coupling device for simple and safe decoupling and recoupling of diaphragm seal systems (process connection and measuring device).

It is normally necessary to remove the process connection in order to replace or calibrate a measuring device. This causes an interruption to the process and what is more serious it leaves an opening. It is also a complicated, time-consuming, and costly procedure, especially for hygienic processes or those involving toxic or sensitive substances, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, or in especially complex plants, such as in the chemical industry.

Originating from an idea expressed by a sales employee, LABOM has developed the REconnect fast coupling device and applied for a patent. The new fast coupling device is installed between the measuring device and the process connection and in particular, facilitates handling when measuring systems are mounted with a capillary, such as on vessels with large heights, when there is restricted space, or in plants that are difficult to access. Operated by a special lock, it makes safe and leakage-free decoupling of diaphragm seal systems possible without affecting oil volumes and without loss of oil or intake of air. This means that the process no longer has to be opened to replace or calibrate measuring instruments because the diaphragm seal remains connected to the process. Subsequently, the measuring device and diaphragm seal are just as easily recoupled and the plant can immediately be put back into operation. This special separation process makes it possible to repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. REconnect also offers a solution for mobile vessels, because it is no longer necessary to dismantle all the measuring systems, for example, while autoclaving the vessels. Another plus is the ability to keep a stock of replacement diaphragm seals that can be easily
exchanged during an overhaul.

REconnect consists of two parts – one fitted to the measuring device, the other to the process connection – and with the aid of the special lock, they are easily separated. The lock is detachable and can be retained separately so that REconnect cannot be operated accidentally or by unauthorized persons. After separation, the two parts of the coupling are each closed with covers made of stainless steel to protect the measuring instrument and diaphragm seal. The fast coupling is vacuum-proof and has no parts that can be lost. It is suitable for all applications, whether in the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, or the chemical industry. Furthermore, REconnect is suitable for ex-protection and can be combined with all LABOM measuring devices (mechanical or electronic) and diaphragm seals.

LABOM will present this new product at Achema in August 2022.

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