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Flow-How Made by Anderson-Negele

Flow-How Made by Anderson-Negele
Every drop counts: Precise flow measurement is the basis for safe and efficient processes in almost all food and beverage applications. Product quality and process efficiency depend largely on it. But which technology is best suited to which application: flow meter or flow switch, electromagnetic or turbine, ultrasonic or calorimetric, or Coriolis mass flow?

From reception to the various processing and refinement processes through to CIP control, and for media of most different consistencies and viscosities – the flow must be right.With an extensive range of individually configurable sensors, hygiene specialist Anderson-Negele offers the most suitable, hygiene-compliant flow control solution for almost any application. This is now complemented by Micro Motion Coriolis mass flow and density meters, as part of a distribution agreement with the globally well-known manufacturer Emerson.

Magnetic-inductive flow measurement

This measurement technology is suitable for liquids, pulps, and pastes with a minimum conductivity of > 5 μS/cm. This includes milk, cream, juices, beer, slurries, but also CIP media. FMI, FMQ and IZMSA are the right devices also for highly viscous products such as chocolate sauce, ketchup, or jam as well as products with chunky contents such as berries, nuts or other ingredients. With a measuring accuracy of up to ±0.2 % ±1 mm/s, a measuring range of 30 to 280,000 l/h and a process temperature of 0 to 165 °C, the performance spectrum is tailored to almost all applications. Each device offers specific features:

  • FMI is the high-tech device with best-in-market measuring accuracy and optimized electronics
  • FMQ the affordable, compact, cost-efficient and reliable all-rounder, optionally with IO-Link digital interface
  • IZMSA the custody transfer-capable specialist for filling applications (with certificate TC 7520, 2014/32/EU)

Turbine flow measurement

Turbine sensors with non-contact pulse measurement are the reliable, precise, and economical alternative to mass sensors or magnetic-inductive devices. This technology is also suitable for non-conductive, aqueous media such as exhaust vapor water, light oils such as butter oil, salt solutions, cleaning media, acids, and demineralized water. With the HM-E turbine flow meter, a rotor sits directly in the liquid flow and is set in rotation by the flow movement. The pulse measuring method is non-contact, complies with all hygiene requirements and achieves a measuring accuracy of ±0.5 %.

Ultrasonic Flow Switch

Flow monitors are used in almost all processes to monitor the technical safety of the system and the correct flow of the processes. A possible malfunction of a pump, a closed valve or a misdirected medium are reliably detected and signaled.

Many flow monitors are limited to aqueous media. In contrast, thanks to its ultrasonic Doppler measuring principle, the FWS/FWA is ideal for all media with the slightest turbidity or with air bubbles, e.g. milk, beer, juices, oils, oil-based media, adhesive or viscous media, creams, glycol, but also drinking water and CIP media.

Calorimetric Flow Switch

The calorimetric flow monitor FTS offers a little more than others. Its special pulse measuring method heats up in short periods and detects the flow velocity quickly, reliably, and continuously simply by measuring the change in media temperature. Ideal for all aqueous products such as vapour water and light oils, but also for highly filtered media, demineralized water, and media in pressure lines.

New: Emerson Coriolis Flow and Density Meter now also with Anderson-Negele

With over 1.5 million Micro Motion Coriolis devices installed, Emerson is a global technology and market leader in mass flow and density measurement. Anderson-Negele is adding the hygienic models of the Emerson Micro Motion Coriolis Flow and Density Meter for the food and beverage industry to its portfolio as part of a distribution agreement. These innovative measuring instruments are suitable for almost all production processes in food and beverage production and are particularly advantageous in applications in which the density (or concentration, Brix, Plato, Proof or Baumé value) must be determined at the same time as the flow rate. They offer a measuring accuracy of up to ±0.05 % of the measured value for flow measurement and up to ±0.0005 g/cm³ for density measurement. With nominal diameters from DN6 to DN100 and a temperature range up to 204 °C, even critical requirements can be met. Inquiries can be sent to Anderson-Negele with immediate effect.

Coriolis flow meter completes the sensor variety from a single source

The full integration of GEA Diessel’s magnetic-inductive measurement technology division last year further completes Anderson-Negele’s portfolio as a specialist food supplier. The sensors developed in-house and produced in the company’s own factories now include temperature, pressure, level, point level, turbidity, conductivity, load cells and flow meters in a wide variety of designs. The hygienic Micro Motion Coriolis series for mass flow and density measurement completes this extensive range. Anderson-Negele has included the devices for the food and beverage industry from the globally renowned manufacturer Emerson in its portfolio as part of a sales partnership.

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