GF Piping Systems will Show Digital and Sustainable Solutions at ACHEMA 2022

GF Piping Systems will Show Digital and Sustainable Solutions at ACHEMA 2022
As the leading provider of flow solutions, GF Piping Systems will present its innovations providing operational safety in process automation, industrial water 4.0, and special applications like IR PVC-U welding at ACHEMA, the world's leading trade fair for the international process industry, from 22 to 26 August.

Conserving precious resources has become even more important in the current situation. On the way to a more sustainable future, modern technologies that enable better monitoring, control, and transparency in the use of resources are therefore also required in the process and chemical industry.

Under the ACHEMA motto “Inspiring Sustainable Connections,” GF Piping Systems presents “Connections for life” in Frankfurt, a. M., Germany, focusing on intelligent automated piping systems for the safe and sustainable transport of chemicals, water, and other media.

Process automation – for sustainable use of resources

Process automation plays an important role because industrial companies, in particular, depend on sustainable and modern solutions to remain fit for the future. To address this topic, GF Piping Systems will present, among other things, the Ball Valve 543 Pro, which – equipped with a new pneumatic actuator type PPA and the electro-pneumatic positioner – is made entirely of plastic. It is therefore maintenance-free and has a service life corresponding to the entire piping system. The 3-way ball valve covers a wide range of applications for every need. 

The first industrial butterfly valve with an environmental product declaration will also be displayed. With the plastic Butterfly Valve 565, introduced in 2021, the company has already set the bar high in terms of high performance plastic butterfly valves. The pressure and temperature boundaries are close to the conventional solutions in the market. Furthermore, an easy exchange of existing metal valves is possible, the same installation length is given. With lower maintenance costs, because of no corrosion and less abrasion, the plastic butterfly valve has a big advantage against the metal products in the market. In addition to sustainability, technical advantages and cost-effectiveness, GF Piping Systems has opted for modularity. Customers can choose between electric and pneumatic actuators, for example, or select the smart actuator that can be controlled and monitored remotely. In addition, a unqiue sensor solution for position feedback can be connected, resulting in additional functionalities.  

Further solutions increasing sustainability 

Handling hazardous media requires actions in the plant design to protect our environment, employees’ health and safety. GF Piping Systems will also present its double containment systems CONTAIN-IT Plus. The plastic system is corrosion-free, UV- and weather-resistant, has good chemical resistance, and a smooth internal surface. Its low weight allows easy handling. Double containment systems are essential for all market segments where unexpected leakages can damage the environment, health, safety, and quality.

With IR PVC-U, the world’s first infrared-welded PVC-U piping system will also be on display. It enables a reliable adhesive-free connection in a machine-controlled process.

In addition, GF Piping Systems will address special applications and present the non-destructive testing of pipe connections using ultrasound and virtual reality training methods – services with which customers can ensure the highest possible quality.

Jens Frisenborg, Head of Business Unit Industry & Utility, GF Piping Systems, sees ACHEMA 2022 as an important platform for the process industry: “We rely on plastic as a sustainable and at the same time highly efficient material for our flow solutions, regardless of whether it involves transporting chemicals, gas, or water. At the ACHEMA, we want to show how modern materials combined with innovative technologies create sustainable connections for life.”

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