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Explaining Mixer Pumping Capacity

20 Jun 2024  |
The latest animation to be released in Silverson Machines 'Silverson Mixing Science' series explains the pumping capacity of high shear In-Line mixers.

When mixing continuously in larger batches, In-Line mixing is often the method chosen by manufacturers to get the best results; it also offers greater energy efficiency over in-tank mixers as the mixer’s effort is concentrated on a small volume in the mixing chamber rather than having to circulate the entire volume in the tank.

But, although Silverson In-Line mixers are self-pumping, some people think that they will need a very powerful machine to recirculate the product back to the top of a large tank. The new animation debunks this by explaining how a Silverson In-Line mixer can recirculate product in a large tank without the need for pumps or additional power.

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