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Starch Dispersion a Snap with Silverson Mixing Equipment

Starch Dispersion a Snap with Silverson Mixing Equipment
14 Apr 2022  |
While native and modified starches might behave differently in the manufacturing environment, your mixing equipment should provide consistent results regardless of viscosity or ingredient form.

Silverson Machines has released its latest “how-to” video, “How to Disperse Starch” on as part of a series of videos designed to aid formulators facing challenging industrial mixing situations.

Starch is used as a thickening, stabilizing, and binding agent in many applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Various forms of starch can range from fine powders to granules or other varieties that may be difficult to hydrate. As starch is added to the liquid, viscosity increases. This can cause poor dispersion, lengthen mix times and result in agglomerates.

Full Hydration without Agglomerates

Silverson high-shear mixing equipment drastically reduces operator error and rapidly and thoroughly blends powders, such as starches even as viscosity increases. Achieve an agglomerate-free mixture in rapid order, maximizing yield of a fully-hydrated starch blend for greater uniformity between batches.

Silverson offers a complete line of high-shear in-line mixers that can hydrate starch powders and granules thoroughly into liquid for uniform production runs time after time. Choose from the Silverson High Shear Batch Mixers, Ultramix, High Shear In-Line Mixers or the Silverson Flashmix. The Flashmix loads starch at floor level and is ideal for larger volume operations, for fast, effective hydration with minimal aeration.

When complete, Silverson’s “How-To” video collection will feature dozens of high-quality, easy-to-understand videos. These videos including How to Disperse Starch can be viewed in the How-To Video Library

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