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Asahi/America Pleased to Offer Corrosion-Resistant, Precise Flow Control Package

Asahi/America Pleased to Offer Corrosion-Resistant, Precise Flow Control Package
23 May 2024  |
Asahi/America has been a leading supplier and manufacturer of corrosion resistant thermoplastic valves and piping systems for over 40 years. Headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Asahi/America maintains a vast inventory of valves, actuation, pipe and fittings, which can be shipped directly to customers or incorporated into custom spools and skids by our fabrication department.

One of Asahi/America’s thermoplastic valve and actuator offerings includes a Type-21a SST PVC flow control ball valve paired with a Series 19 Smart Pack® actuator, which provides a cost effective, high accuracy flow control package. This valve and actuator package is ideal for water and wastewater treatment, chemical processing, aquaculture, aquariums, semiconductor, and food and beverage facilities among many other applications. It is the perfect solution for OEM and skid manufactures where space is at a premium, but functionality and power cannot be sacrificed.

The Type-21a SST PVC flow control ball valve provides a modified equal percentage flow control, with repeatable results across the span of travel. It is available in ½” – 2” true union sizes and features a precision-machined PVC ball with center provisions to support PTFE seats from zero to 100 percent of capable flow. The characterized ball valve requires directional installation and comes equipped with a flow direction label.

The Series 19 smart modulating actuator is capable of 0.01% accuracy of setpoint. It is a multi-voltage unit and operates at a 75 percent duty cycle for more frequent cycling of the valve. The Series 19 also features 4-20mA control, failsafe capability, an LED light to indicate valve position or fault, ISO mounting configuration, corrosion-resistant NEMA 4X enclosure, and a QR code for easy and instant access to user manuals. It comes standard with an OLED screen and fault contacts. All Series 19 actuators are CE labeled and compliant, and factory mounted and tested to ensure dependable operation.

Asahi/America Series 19 actuators mounted on Type-21a SST ball valves are available as package units and can ship within 24 hours of ordering from the company’s facility in Lawrence, Mass. The units can also be assembled on custom pre-fabricated skids to increase installation time and reduce overall project costs.

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Asahi/America is the premier manufacturer and supplier of thermoplastic fluid flow and air handling solutions for industrial, environmental, high purity and commercial applications. Asahi’s piping systems, valves and actuators have been installed with confidence for...

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