Continuous Level Measurement of Acetone with Melted Rosemary

Continuous Level Measurement of Acetone with Melted Rosemary
To produce natural rosemary extract in Slovenia a continuous content measurement for several tanks was installed. These work with the capacitive measuring principle, which is becoming increasingly popular, and have been configured for special process connections. Compensation for the materials caking to the sensor was crucial for the reliable determination of rosemary acetone.

Capacitive sensors for the Ex area – ATEX Zone 0

A producer of natural rosemary extracts was looking for a reliable solution for continuous level measurement in five stationary tanks of different volumes. The measuring range is up to 2.2 meters (72.18 ft). There is condensate in the atmosphere. All tanks are located inside the production building with process temperatures up to 80°C (176°F). The medium to be measured in the tanks is acetone with a 3% share of melted rosemary.

Together with UWT Partner Sensor d.o.o. after some on-site tests, the capacitive level sensor NivoCapa® 8000 was implemented for the content notification. The distinctiveness of melted rosemary is that it hardens at a certain ambient temperature on the tank wall and forms a coating. Another challenge was the process connections and their length. Each tank had a different nozzle length.

The capacitance NC 8 sensor is a solution for continuous level measurement in liquids and slurries, even under difficult conditions, such as installation on long nozzles, condensation in the area of active build-up compensation without affecting the measurement, and installation in ATEX Zone 0. In addition, the probe has a PFA coating to further reduce adhesion.

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