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LB 476 Level+ More Than a Level Measurement System

LB 476 Level+ More Than a Level Measurement System
The LB 476 Level+ system adds that little extra to radiometric level measurements, which makes it the perfect system for the most challenging processes.

Compared to the classic radiometric level measurement, LB 476 Level+ enables the storage of two calibration curves and, beyond, the simultaneous monitoring of two product levels based on those calibration curves. Moreover, by using the outstanding implemented compensation functions, level measurement falsifications, e. g. due to gas density fluctuations or due to product build-ups, belong to the past. The LB 476 Level+ system can be used with both LB 4700 DuoSeries detectors or LB 480 SENSseries detectors. Both detector series combine top of the class measuring technology with maximum manufacturing quality and innovative features – the best systems for difficult measuring tasks. Within each detector series there are several detector types with various scintillator sizes and materials.

Relevant features of LB 476 Level+:

  • Dual level measurement: especially useful for level measurements of products in processes with two significantly different process stages (e.g. normal and outage stage in the delayed coking process)
  • Outstanding compensation functions: prevention of measurement falsification using Gas Property Compensation (GPC) and Product Buildup Compensation (PBC)
  • Detector options: LB 4700 DuoSeries detectors (only two wires) or LB 480 SENSseries detectors (316L housing as option and own current output) can be used
  • Single level and total level output in cascaded systems: output of the total level value as well as the individual levels of the respective level detectors

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