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VEGA Sensors Simplify Processes in the Production of Synthetic Floor Materials

VEGA Sensors Simplify Processes in the Production of Synthetic Floor Materials
The Dutch company Quartzline specialises in the production of synthetic flooring and is considered one of the largest producers of flooring systems and components. Sand or gravel, among other things, is needed for this as the raw material – in large quantities and in very different grain sizes.

The company dries and filters the two components itself and also blends and produces mixtures of hundreds of different colour variations on site. Production takes place in a complex processing facility. Extreme cleanliness is required in the production process, in fact, the standards of purity here are similar to those in the food industry. Why? Just one coloured particle trapped in the system from a previous production run will significantly affect the quality. For that reason, the mixers are thoroughly cleaned after each batch.

Where is the measurement technology used?

VEGA sensors support the production process at various points. VEGAPULS sensors measure the exact level in a large number of storage silos. VEGAWAVE S61 vibrating level switches are also installed there. The vibrating level switches also monitor the tank farm, where the liquids for the flooring production are located, as well as the process section where liquid components are fed under vacuum into the mixer.

Why radar sensors?

There are multiple reasons for this. Radar sensors are also proving to be a robust and reliable solution for applications at Quartzline. Especially in the case of sand, which is extremely abrasive, non-contact radar measurement is the perfect choice. Radar sensors deliver exact measurement data basically in any application with difficult and very dusty conditions.

Permanent monitoring of the levels not only simplifies the production processes – the investment in this state-of-the-art technology also increases profitability for the company. “Because we now have a very precise overview of our stocks, we can buy raw materials at lower cost. If prices are high at a certain point in time and we’re able to wait a little longer, we buy later, sometimes only a few days later, at lower prices,” says Fred van Zanten, operations manager at Quartzline, explaining one of the many advantages of the VEGA measuring instruments.

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