Hygienic Processing and Handling of Fluids

In the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations, the produce must be safe for consumption. Strict control over facility conditions is essential to preventing product contamination and, consequently, ensuring product integrity.

Measuring and monitoring of pressure, temperature, and flow, help company employees achieve and maintain the proper conditions during processing, transportation, and distribution operations, ensuring consumable materials remain safe and healthy.

As a manufacturer involved in hygienic processing and handling of fluids, a few challenges faced are:

Regulatory compliance. Regulatory standards help ensure product safety by providing guidelines about the design, construction, and/or maintenance of processing equipment, packaging, and more. Overall, the focus is on achieving and maintaining sanitary conditions. The instruments integrated into facility equipment and systems are also subject to these standards; they must be designed and built to prevent contaminant buildup and facilitate cleaning and sanitation operations. If selected, used and maintained properly, they help companies maintain the right conditions within their facilities.

Process optimization. Instrumentation helps operators determine whether a system could and should be further optimized. By making these changes carefully, they can achieve better processing effectiveness and efficiency. Pressure, temperature, and level sensors can be configured to signal alarms when equipment conditions fall outside the acceptable range. This function helps industry professionals keep their systems in check and their processes consistent as well as identify if and when they can be improved or optimized.

Cost savings. Measuring and monitoring instruments help food and beverage companies ensure their products are safe for consumers. Without it, companies face the risk of losing money on contaminated batches or, if contaminated products make it to the distribution phase, consumer lawsuits. The right instrumentation helps protect our customers’ people, processes, and profits, which can lead to lower overall operational and maintenance costs and greater return on investment (ROI).

Ashcroft specializes in the development, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and calibration of measurement and control instruments. Our familiarity with the demands of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries allows us to produce sanitary products that fully comply with strict regulatory design guidelines (e.g., 3-A Sanitary Standards & EHEDG). Industry professionals know they can rely on us to provide high-quality instrumentation solutions that accommodate their needs.

The Ashcroft® 32X sanitary quick-connect diaphragm seal, is designed to provide immediate dismantling and reassembly for cleaning process media between scheduled process runs. It is combinable with a wide range Ashcroft pressure and temperature measurement instruments, for sanitary applications like pressure gauges and Ashcroft® A- Series and G-series pressure switches.

The Ashcroft® 1032 & 1036 3-A approved sanitary gauge and Ashcroft® 1037 sanitary fittings satisfies stringent sanitary requirements with its unique design.

As high-precision measuring instruments, Ashcroft® process transmitters are THE “sensory cells” in industrial plants & applications. Their high-precision perception and translation into transmittable signals for further processing enable control & action. ‘Active Temperature Compensation’ accounts for the temperature fluctuations in the fluids, ensuring the high accuracy in pressure measurement and enabling the optimization of the processes. These all stainless steel transmitters are available with over 50 process connections, which includes 3-A & EHEDG approved versions.

The Ashcroft® E2 sanitary pressure transducer combines proven thin film sensor technology with a sanitary isolation seal. Engineered for easy disassembly and cleaning, it provides an electro polished mating surface, wide selection of electrical connections and fill fluids.  The E2 meets 3A approval for sanitary applications.

The Ashcroft® Bimetallic thermometers, RTDs & Thermocouples provides high quality and performance, and delivers a reliable method for monitoring and controlling temperature. Designed to be used in conjunction with sanitary style thermowells, they are an ideal choice for accurate temperature measurement.

The more precise the perception and the more precise the communication, the greater the understanding and the better the control. We know about this responsibility and accept it: With expertise and experience, excellent measuring instruments and unconditional customer orientation.

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