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Elika by Marzocchi: “Silently” Entering the Automotive Sector

26 Aug 2022  |

The top characteristics of quality, reliability of the Marzocchi products allowed the Company to gain an interesting share in the Automotive Market, where the most suitable range of displacement goes from 0,12 cc/rev and up to 8 cc/rev which is widely appreciated in all those applications where a mini powerpack is required.

The pumps are designed specifically to be part of the electro-hydraulic system to generate a flow of pressurized oil in a controlled manner to drive the “actuators” required in most of the above-mentioned systems.

Standard application of Marzocchi Pompe products are easily requiring up to 300 bars while the limited operating pressure of the automotive application, generally up to 80-100 bars, has allowed design and process engineers to introduce several design and process optimization with the goal on one side to maintain and even enhance very high performances specifically in terms of efficiencies and noise and reducing overall sizes as well, and on the other side decreasing the manufacturing costs also with the adequate level of automatization of the production and assembly of the units.

The automotive family of Marzocchi E05 Pumps has been specifically designed to be integrated into assemblies of automatic transmissions, semi-automatic clutches, electro-hydraulic power steering, AWD systems, assistance in hybrid-type of propulsion, suspensions’ systems, trucks rear-steering etc. The main parts of the pump, before being physically built, have been subjected to structural verification through FEA simulations, in order to check in advance, the structure of the pump subject to the stresses of work and also to verify the behavior during the most critical stages of the manufacturing process.

The best for last – The ELIKA Family of Silent Pumps becomes larger

Thanks to the birth of the ELIKA1P, the range of available displacements of the ELIKA family is once again increasing. This time the development concerns smaller displacements with a standard range from 2.1 up to 8.1 cm3/rev. This family is particularly suitable for automotive solutions, where the producers are increasingly required to produce silent mini hydraulic power units for lifting systems, large hydro guides or rear steering systems for transport vehicles and others. Like all automotive solutions, Marzocchi is widely available to collaborate on customized solutions for shapes and sizes.

ELIKA itself is a highly efficient, low-noise and low-ripple Gear Pump, designed and manufactured by Marzocchi Pompe. Its realization is a result of a close cooperation with the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna and its development brought to many patents and trademarks registered by Marzocchi.

ELIKA’s Helical Gear Technology is the perfect choice for all low-noise level applications. The ELIKA gears reduce the noise level by an average of 15 dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump.

The specific design of its helical gears ensures the continuity of the motion despite the low number of teeth. The low number of teeth reduces the fundamental frequencies of the pump noise, producing a more pleasant sound. The shape of the ELIKA Profile, patented by Marzocchi Pompe, eliminates the encapsulation phenomenon typical of standard gear pumps by thus eliminating the main source of noise and vibrations. ELIKA tooth profile, without encapsulation, significantly reduces pressure-oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the Hydraulic System.

The particularly low level of noise produced by the ELIKA pump makes it particularly suitable for applications which currently employ much more expensive technologies such as screw pumps, vane pumps, or internal gear pumps. ELIKA, with its characteristics, is the ideal solution regarding a wide range of specifications such as rotation speed, operating pressure and viscosity. The structure of the ELIKA pump minimizes leaks and maximizes volumetric efficiency in all conditions. ELIKA is therefore particularly suited for applications, which use inverters or variable-speed drives to regulate the speed of the actuators.

Because of everything said before, Marzocchi can definitely provide the right answer to the specification that TIER1 or TIER2 engineers are looking for:

  • High efficiencies to cope with limited current and voltages requirement
  • Low noise in order to reduce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness).
  • Limited overall dimensions in order to cope with packaging restraints
  • Competitive pricing versus standard pump solutions

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