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Verder Liquids Presented the New Verderair e-PURE at Achema 2022

26 Aug 2022  |
The Verderair e-PURE electrically driven double diaphragm is the latest member of the Verderair PURE series and was first shown at Achema 2022 in Frankfurt am Main last month.

The Verderair e-PURE electrically driven double diaphragm pump uses a new kind of technology for diaphragm pumps. This pump series works according to a horizontal fluid flow path, which gives a more energy efficient and less friction loss fluid path. A direct result is reduced maintenance, lower energy costs and a longer lifetime. The pump housing is manufactured from solid machined PTFE or PE (UHMW). The other wetted parts are made from PEEK and SS 316L. The e-PURE ensures a sustainable solution combined with diaphragm pump advantages. It is ideal for dosing and continuous flow applications pumping abrasive liquids.

The key features of the Verderair e-PURE are:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Leak free design
  • Self priming & dry running
  • Can handle abrasive liquids
  • Low pulsation

Application areas:

  • Dosing or continuous flow
  • Abrasive liquids

Extra options:

  • Frequency inverter
  • Leak detection

Horizontal Fluid Flow Diaphragm Pumps

In e-PURE diaphragm pumps the fluid moves through the pump horizontally. The electric drive ensures the reciprocating movement of the diaphragms so that the diaphragm chambers are alternately filled and pressed. This pump design utilises flapper valves instead of ball valves, a reduced number of flow bends and moving parts resulting in less friction losses. The speed of the fluid and the energy efficiency of these pumps is therefore optimal. High speed low stroke technology enables low pulsation.

High sustainability

The e-PURE is the future of sustainable diaphragm pumps. Because the horizontal fluid flow path results in less friction losses and an optimum fluid speed which increase the pump efficiency. Furthermore, it is an electrically driven pump (230V, 1ph). No expensive compressed air is needed which results in lower energy consumption. The direct benefits of using the e-PURE are less maintenance, less energy costs and a longer lifetime.

The Verderair e-PURE is available in 3 models

✔ VA-EP30:    max. flow 30 l/min

✔ VA-EP50:    max. flow 50 l/min

✔ VA-EP100:  max. flow 100 l/min

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