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High Purity New England Supports Drug Development Pipelines with Fully Customizable and Flexible Single-Use Assembly Solution

Demand for single-use assembly solutions in the biopharma industry continues to increase, with the market expected to be worth $26.89 billion by 2025.

To help meet that demand, High Purity New England (HPNE), a leading supplier of biopharma equipment and process solutions for the biopharma industry, created HPConnexx, a single-use assembly solution suitable for all areas of biopharmaceutical processing from discovery to fill-finish. 

Manufactured in an ISO 7 Cleanroom, the solution is unique in that it can utilize other vendors components and can be implemented directly into any process. There is no minimum order size for an assembly and lead times can be as short as weeks, compared to the industry standard of months. As part of the exceptional service, the team at HPNE also provide full integrity and validation testing on its single-use assemblies.

Mark Sitcoske, CEO and founder at HPNE, said: “As the biopharma industry continues to grow and develop, pipelines fill with promising, smaller-volume therapies. It is essential that businesses throughout the sector get the support they need to get their drugs to market.”

“Single-use technologies can reduce the costs associated with infrastructure, save time by decreasing the need for cleaning and validation and negate the risk of cross contamination. However, not all single-use solutions are fully customizable, and many have lengthy lead times for installation. That is why we developed HPConnexx.”

“The solution, and the support we deliver around it, is truly unique as it can be customized in any way the customer requires. It can be connected to any existing process at any scale and utilize any components regardless of inter-company connectivity.

“Ultimately, we are truly committed to working closely with our customers to support them in all their bioprocessing challenges, offering the flexibility and services they need to ensure the success of their products.”

The HPConnexx solution is generated by the teams at HPNE with technical unit operation knowledge, including engineers, biologists, and chemists that have the background knowledge to ensure quality, design, and the complex flexibility required by the end user. 

HPNE specializes in single-use solutions used in pharmaceutical research and development, process development and full-scale production activities. The company is currently providing flexible, single-use solutions to companies developing vaccines in the fight to combat COVID-19.

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High Purity New England, Inc. is a distributor for more than 20 international companies inside the US and a manufacturer of custom single-use products catering to companies worldwide. Incorporated in 2002, HPNE has grown from...

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