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Intelligent Solutions for Cooling Tower Control

20 Apr 2023  |
ProMinent has developed two new controllers for water treatment in evaporative cooling systems. With the controllers, plant operators keep their cooling water circuit running reliably and the cooling system stays clean.

To optimise the cooling process and prevent biological growth, deposits and corrosion, the AEGIS S and AEGIS X measuring and control systems continuously monitor the electrolytic conductivity and control the bleed. A time- or measurement-based biocide metering prevents contamination in the cooling tower.

For plant operators, not only a clean cooling tower is important, but also energy-saving cooling. The AEGIS controllers enable economical operation through timers. Automatic reporting significantly reduces the time required for the necessary documentation.

AEGIS S: Smart and powerful

AEGIS S is a powerful controller for monitoring and controlling a cooling circuit. Thanks to a touch display and an intuitive navigation structure, the controller is easy to use and convenient to operate. The live view of the animated cooling circuit with measured values and the display of the process status enables a high level of process reliability. An integrated maintenance calendar ensures that no maintenance is forgotten. Flexible communication options such as Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP offer efficient and reliable data exchange. 

AEGIS X: Extremely flexible for large cooling systems

With up to two satellite units, the new AEGIS X measurement and control unit can monitor and control several water circuits simultaneously. The combination of main and satellite unit offers high flexibility. This makes the controller particularly suitable for large cooling systems with many parameters, which include corrosion, for example. Thanks to the wide range of communication options, the cooling tower can be conveniently controlled remotely. A customisable web server enables easy configuration, convenient monitoring of process values and visualisation of data. 

In this video you will find more information about the operation of a cooling system:

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