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IVS 2021, The New Advisory Board Of The Fair Takes Office

IVS 2021, The New Advisory Board Of The Fair Takes Office
4 Nov 2020  |
The composition of the IVS 2021 scientific committee has been defined, with experts representing the entire supply chain.

The organizers of IVS, Confindustria Bergamo and Promoberg, have chosen together with Valve Campus the team of experts who will constitute the Advisory Board for the conference part of the 2021 edition of the fair, which will be held on the next 26 and May 27. The body brings together, at an international level, nineteen key figures representing the major stakeholders in the supply chain. Specifically, these are end-users, engineering companies, manufacturers, the panorama of universities, professional associations, and certification bodies. The Committee will be chaired by Maurizio Brancaleoni, president of Valve Campus.

The Advisory Board will examine and select the technical-scientific papers that will be presented during the cycles of conferences and workshops that will be held during the dates of the fair and will choose the documents with the most innovative and technological content among the papers that will be sent to IVS by 15 December 2020, the date on which the Call for Papers for the fourth edition of the summit will close. The scientific committee applies specific criteria to choose the best technical and scientific memories: these will be selected according to the quality of the contents, the real applications, the attention to the implications on a practical level, and the consistency with the macro themes indicated.

Maurizio Brancaleoni, president of Valve Campus, who has been the reference technical-scientific partner of IVS since its foundation, says: “The summit has never limited to be a global exhibition offer but it wants to propose to the world as a place for the exchange of knowledge, innovation and skills for all those involved in the development and innovation of the sector. This development has been promoted by the Advisory Board, which plays a fundamental role in involving the players that represent the international panorama of industrial valves, identifying issues and trends and examining strategic developments in the sector.

The 2021 edition will provide a further opportunity for growth for the summit. IVS organizers will create an extra pavilion, bringing the exhibition area of the fair from 13,000 to 18,000 square meters. A development necessary to accompany the strong growth of the fair, witnessed by the rise in the number of visitors, exhibitors and traffic on communication channels. The third edition of the summit attracted more than 250 companies and almost 11,000 visitors to the Orobic capital, numbers 36% higher than the 8,000 attendances recorded in the 2017 edition and tripled compared to the 3,500 admissions registered in 2015. In addition, the number of visitors has quadrupled. access to the fair’s website in the months preceding the exhibition, and went from 70,000 registered in 2017 to 300,000 last year.

Paolo Piantoni, General Manager of Confindustria Bergamo, states that «IVS is establishing itself as an opportunity of meeting between producers in the Italian and European sector of industrial valves and the main international players in the Oil & Gas sector. Moreover, for the next edition, we are investing in the scientific and educational part of the fair, with the specific aim of making it become an always stronger reference point for technicians and operators in the sector. Confindustria Bergamo regards this as a good opportunity to support a complex and strategic supply chain for the territory. In addition to valves, our companies cover the entire Oil & Gas supply chain: heat exchangers, piping, pumps, machinery, instrumentation, boilers and more. The market is strongly linked to the price of oil, which has undergone a drastic reduction due to the collapse in consumption. As a consequence, there was a sharp slowdown in investments. This situation makes IVS a central moment to understand the evolution of the sector and stimulate its development, thanks to the adoption of new materials, the digital transformation, the application of green energy, additive manufacturing and much more. In our vision, IVS 2021 represents an important moment in the restart of the sector and in particular of the economy of the Bergamo area».

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