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Low Cost Mass Flow Controllers

Low Cost Mass Flow Controllers
The leap from variable area flowmeters (or Rotameters) up to conventional mass flow meters and controllers has previously been prohibitive. Specific design for low-cost applications and up-to-the minute manufacturing processes has enabled the development of a mass flow meter/controller that perfectly fits this requirement space for exacting scientific applications where quality remains important but cost control is paramount.


The greatest proportion of scientific applications (as opposed to Semicon applications) for mass flow devices can be found within the Analytical, Surface Treatment and Bio-Pharma sectors. Importantly – these are sub-divided into (a) lab based end user applications and (b) equipment and machine builders.  Most commonly these are all at pressures of less than 10 Bar and with relatively low flow rates and with these sectors being generally characterized by high volume, low-cost the challenge is significant. With BASIS, however, this has been achieved whilst also ensuring that low cost does not mean either low quality or reduced functionality.

Specifications and Benefits

High Accuracy

  • Open and honest accuracy statements; no hidden tricks! 
  • H2 and He available with all other gases with a defined accuracy statement
  • ±0.2% FS or ±1.5% Rg for Air, N2, O2 and CH4
  • ±1.8% FS for He and H2
  • ±0.5% FS or ±1.5% Rg for Ar
  • ±0.5% FS or ±1.5% Rg for CO2 and N2O (0.1 sccm to 2 slpm)
  • ±1% FS or ±2% Rg for CO2 and N2O (5 to 20 slpm)
  • ±2% FS or ±3% Rg for CO2 and N2O (50 to 100 slpm)

Excellent Specification

  • Easy user configurable gas selection
  • Flow rates from 0.1sccm through to 100 slpm
  • Measurement/control range from 0.01 to 100% (1000:1 turndown) 
  • 100 ms or better control response
  • On-board pre-loaded dosing capability complete with onboard totalizer
  • Built-in process temperature measurement

Easy To Use

  • Very small size 
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple but powerful companion software available if required
  • ASCII and MODBUS protocols in addition to analogue signals
  • Run scripts, collect data, connect multiple instruments
  • 6-Pin JST GH connector
  • LED for power/comms indication
  • Programmable set-point ramping
  • Valve override capability
  • Advanced statistic reporting including min, max, average, and standard deviation

Fast Lead Time

  • Generally 3-4 weeks for ad hoc orders
  • Faster deliveries available by arrangement
  • Next day delivery available with supply chain visibility

Collaborative OEM / bespoke design service

  • Manifolded designs
  • Down-ported surface mount
  • Further gas calibrations


There is an expectant market for low-cost mass flow meters and controllers with clear requirements for continuity of supply, reliability, good specifications, tiny size and, above all else, an extremely low price. Whilst a standard lead-time of 4 weeks is perfectly acceptable, a level of flexibility is commonly required – just to cover those occasional hiccups that do happen. Somewhat illogically the markets do expect higher specification levels whilst also needing lower pricing. The price requirement is genuine; Original Equipment Manufacturers continuously improve their own offering whilst market forces compress their capacity for profit. Component prices therefore need to be as low as possible whilst the specification enables them to be more productive. Laboratory end-users do not have on-going requirements for high quantities although they do also suffer from commercial pressures. Grant awards are constantly being squeezed so the pressure to obtain more equipment at lower pricing is ever present. Equally, the cost of laboratory real estate is constantly rising so the miniaturization of instrumentation is essential for the scientist to more onto their benchtop. BASIS meets all of these requirements with its excellent specification : cost balance. 

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