Live Webinar “Improving Desalter Performance for Opportunity Crudes”

Berthold's next webinar is coming up, this time it's about the topic “Improving desalter performance for opportunity crudes”.

David Williams from Berthold is cohosting this webinar with Wouter Schoonenberg from Frames explaining and discussing how the performance of separators and electrostatic coalescers (desalters/dehydrators) can be improved by design and control instrumentation and what a customer can do to an existing desalter to improve this.  They will go through how you can optimize your existing desalter, highlighting what makes this unique, to enhance control and profitability, especially if the customer are planning on processing opportunity crudes.

Feel free to register and learn from the experts for process control.

Live Webinar information

“Improving Desalter Performance for Opportunity Crudes”
Wednesday 10th December 2020 at 11 am and 7 pm CET

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