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Madison Company Introduces CK Series Continuous Level Sensor Kits

Branford, CT, USA - Madison Company, a leading manufacturer of liquid level sensors, has announced the availability of kits that pair a continuous level sensor with a pre-programmed panel meter display.

Madison’s new CK Series kits offer a convenient turn-key solution for critical tank measurement and process control. Each CK Kit from Madison combines a continuous liquid level sensor paired with a pre-programmed panel meter display.

In addition to a sensor and panel meter, each kit contains two relays set at 10% and 90%. The relays can be reconfigured in the field for various alarm setpoints and pump control values, while the daylight LED panel meter display can be field configured to indicate percent, gallons, or distance as desired. CK Series kits are available with commonly used sensor types, and you can custom configure additional kits by pairing other Madison sensors and panel meters.

For further Information, refer to for:

  • Madison Technical Data Sheets
  • Madison Specification Work Sheets for unique application requirements
  • Other resources such as product support, case studies, chemical compatibility guides, etc.

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