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We set the innovation and quality standards in the pump industry

Fluid-o-Tech is an Italian company leader in the design and manufacture of positive displacement pumps and systems for the pressurization, metering, dosing and transfer of fluids for a variety of demanding applications ranging from medical to automotive, industrial and food&beverage.

Its origins date back to 1948. High precision machining and process innovation for the aviation, automotive, computing and textile industries have historically been a benchmark of this family-run business, with the development of quality and innovation being key elements of its strategy.

Ongoing investments and a long-term vision have made Fluid-o-Tech a modern global player with branches in the US, UK, Japan and China, and more than 120 distributors in over 50 countries.

A state of the art factory, a global engineering team of more than 30 people and the pursuit of excellence make Fluid-o-Tech today the trusted partner for OEMs worldwide for pumps and fluidics solution.

Fluid-o-Tech s.r.l.
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