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Fascination with microsensors: Who we are and what we do

Measurement technology in miniature format: TrueDyne Sensors AG is one of the leading providers in the development of microsensor systems. As our customer, this allows you to detect qualitative and quantitative fluids and measured variables such as density or flow rate based on new and well-known measuring principles.

Measurable added value: MEMS measurement systems provide you and your customers with new opportunities for improving products and production processes, and offer new sales opportunities and cost savings. TrueDyne Sensors AG modules guarantee maximum performance in a one-of-a-kind compact design. You can use the ready-to-install, extremely small OEM measurement modules, which are coordinated to your portfolio, or install a customized solution as a tailor-made configuration, including a connection to your operational environment. Areas that benefit from this include the automotive industry as well as the healthcare industry, the aerospace sector, pump components, and building systems. In general, every industry enjoys the benefits of high precision density and flow measurements of minute quantities in minimum space that these application advantages offer. In other words: TrueDyne Sensors uses innovative microsensors to enrich today’s process measurement technology. We create added value by combining the expertise we possess in the fields of microsensors and multiparameter measurement technology.


Collaboration based on mutual respect and trust creates a balanced partnership of equals.


Redefining the state of the art through knowledge and innovation.

Fluid Property Measurement

The continuous measurement of material properties of gas and liquids enables maximum process reliability. The quality as well as the composition of fluids are specified by our sensors on the basis of density and viscosity.

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