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All of us are born with a pump inside: our hearts. As children, this original pump fueled our dreams and our creations. As adults, our hearts continue to thump, but are they truly thriving? At our core, the energy is still there. We yearn to release it – to open our eyes wider, reach our arms out farther, and do what makes our hearts beat faster.

Tuthill has always been a company with heart. In our early days, we made the bricks that helped make Chicago, relying on horses to carry the clay. Some days, the heat and haul were too much for their hearts – and ours – to bear. So we created an oil pump to power a truck, saving our four-legged friends and laying the foundation for our future.

Today, we make pumps, blowers, and vacuums, daring to make them better every day. But the original pump – the heart – is still at our company’s core. We’re on a journey to become a Conscious Company, inviting the entire Tuthill community to come alive in everything we believe, say, and create. And we’re extending that invitation beyond our walls. To have a seismic impact on our world, all hearts are vital. When our hearts are awake, our energy is contagious, and we make ripples that can move millions. The world needs people who are alive from the heart. Because when we come alive, the world comes along.

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