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Maximum Versatility and Efficiency From the Valtek® FlowTop Control Valve for General Service

12 Jul 2022  |
Flowserve has improved the design of the Valtek FlowTop control valve to meet the global requirements for general service and moderately severe service applications.

The new FlowTop General Service valve builds on the proven FlowTop GS and Valtek GS control valves to meet a broad range of requirements by providing:

  • One standardized, versatile control valve
  • Precision control
  • A variety of trim and packing options
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Cost savings through parts interchangeability

The new FlowTop valve offers the same performance and options in an automated package that includes an in-line, globe-style body with a FlowAct pneumatic diaphragm actuator and digital positioner.

High-performance design

A fully integrated package features an updated streamlined design for maximum performance and operating efficiency in all general service applications.

Easy to configure and globally available

The updated design is easy to select, size, configure and order. The new FlowTop valve is available globally with numerous options to meet most general service requirements.

Ease of maintenance

A standardized design with interchangeable components simplifies maintenance and minimizes costs related to inventory and spare parts.

Reduced environmental impact

Packing options meet stringent fugitive emissions requirements (ISO 15848-1 Class B CC1).

Broad application versatility

Multiple seat designs (threaded or clamped), packing options (external or internal live loaded) and single-stage trim solutions for mild cavitation and noise reduction are available.

Find more information about the Valtek FlowTop control valve.

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