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Milestone at the New NETZSCH Campus

17 Jan 2023  |
Successful assembly of the first pump in the new plant in Waldkraiburg

The 9th of January 2023 will go down in the history of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems. With the assembly of the first pump at the new NETZSCH Campus in Waldkraiburg, a new era has begun for the global specialist in complex fluid management.

After almost two years of construction, the day finally arrived: The first pump was assembled at the NETZSCH Campus in Waldkraiburg and afterwards prepared for shipment. Unsurprisingly, it was a progressing cavity pump, as the manufacturer of various positive displacement pumps is a world leader in this technology.

With the opening of assembly at the new location, the course was set for a successful corporate future: “Today is a milestone in the history of NETZSCH Pumps & Systems. With the opening of the assembly on our new campus in Waldkraiburg, we are getting closer to our goal of operating the most efficient positive displacement pump factory in the world”, explained managing director Jens Heidkötter underlining the ambitious goals.

The new NETZSCH Campus unites the three locations in Waldkraiburg. It thus makes a decisive contribution to the fact that various processes, such as logistics, can be made significantly more efficient. Therefore, besides the employees, it is above all the customers who benefit from the new plant.

In addition to these aspects, environmental protection and sustainability also played a decisive role in the planning of the new plant. Among other things, the new building will not require the use of fossil fuels. This will bring the global specialist for complex fluid management a step closer to its goal of climate neutrality by 2045.

Find out more about the assembly opening at the new NETZSCH Campus here!

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