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NewTek Hermetically-Sealed, Spring-Loaded LVDTs for Industrial Applications

NewTek Hermetically-Sealed, Spring-Loaded LVDTs for Industrial Applications
24 Dec 2018  |
PENNSAUKEN, NJ - NewTek Sensor Solutions offers an extended series of spring-loaded LVDTs that provide accurate dimensional feedback for a variety of position measurement and quality assurance applications including go/no-go measurements, automotive part quality testing, roller position/product thickness control, TIR measurements and material testing under stress.

Designed with a stainless-steel probe assembly and ¾” diameter hermetically-sealed housing, these spring-loaded sensors operate in challenging environments with dirt, water, vibration and temperature ranges of -65° to 220°F while providing highly accurate position measurement with maximum linearity of +0.25% of full-scale output.

New Tek offers AC- and DC-operated versions of its gage heads in ranges from ±0.050 in. to ±2.00 in. (1.27mm to 50mm). With electronics built into a spring-loaded assembly, DC-operated units do not require external electronics, reducing installation time and costs. AC-operated configurations can withstand higher temperatures and provide a variety of analog or digital outputs when connected to an LVDT signal conditioner such as NewTek’s NTC Qwik-CAL™ Signal Conditioner.

NewTek offers customized options for its spring-loaded LVDTs including extended temperature ranges up to 400°F (200°C), mild radiation resistance to 30 MRad, air extend probes and custom spring rates.

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