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NewTek Position Sensors Ensure Long-Term Performance

14 Aug 2019  |
The infinite mechanical life and long-term reliability offered by NewTek LVDT Linear Position Sensors make them ideal for use in remote, hard-to-reach and difficult locations where sensor replacement would result in high costs and downtime.

For example, shutting down a turbine to replace a sensor near steam turbines and valves where temperatures reach 400◦ results would be a huge undertaking both in costs and labor.  High temperature, shock and vibration tolerant, NewTek LVDTs offer superior reliability in position measurement with a near-infinite life expectancy.

The same is true for LNG cryogenic storage tanks where LVDTs sit between the inner and outer tank performing structural monitoring so operators can detect structural shifts or settling.  As the space between tanks is sealed and inaccessible due to insulation while filled with nitrogen at above atmospheric pressure, sensor replacement is very cumbersome and expensive.  With temperature ratings from cryogenic to 500°C, NewTek LVDTs offer high-performance for many years of use in this application.

When using LVDTs for subsea choke position monitoring and subsea strain measurements, sensor replacement in these remote locations results in considerable work that requires shutting down operations.   Constructed of Inconel and exotic materials, NewTek Submersible Position Sensors survive indefinitely in corrosive subsea applications where service life requirements typically are 20 years.

In addition to their material construction, NewTek LVDT Position Sensors operate without mechanical contact between its core and coil assembly, eliminating the presence of friction that can shorten sensor life.  With no parts to wear, theses linear position sensors possess infinite mechanical life for long-term operation in various applications, especially those that require long service life.

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