NOSHOK and KYKLO Partner to Enable Distributor Digitalization

NOSHOK and KYKLO Partner to Enable Distributor Digitalization
Back in 1967, NOSHOK revolutionized the way industries measure pressure by introducing a liquid-filled pressure gauge. This leading-edge feature slowly caught on as the industry began to recognize the extended service life and enhanced performance offered by a liquid-filled gauge. This innovation served as the foundation for the NOSHOK business, which today covers technologies in pressure, level, and temperature measurement instrumentation. Their footprint spans the globe where they serve major industries including fluid power, oil & gas, food & beverage, automation, water/wastewater, energy & power generation, marine, and more.

While not as mature as NOSHOK, KYKLO has revolutionized the world of e-commerce and the digitalization of business in the distribution industry. Founded in 2015, KYKLO opened the doors of e-commerce to small and midsized distributors in automation, fluid power, industrial, and other lines of trade. Their revolutionary plan for sourcing and delivering enhanced data is rapidly becoming a standard in the wholesale distribution business.

It makes sense that when NOSHOK decided to assist their distributors in bringing products to market, they were attracted to KYKLO. Adam Hershey, NOSHOK’s V.P. of Administration states, “KYKLO’s e-commerce platform is a groundbreaking solution providing distributors the simplest and most efficient platform for digital sales. NOSHOK has partnered with KYKLO to provide our enriched product data as an effective e-commerce solution.”

Under their partnership, NOSHOK’s distributors will be able to easily access the entire product line, and enhanced data for new products will be instantly available for distributor use. KYKLO will optimize customer communications by enabling better data sharing between customers and their distributors. Featured NOSHOK products will receive priority attention on the distributor’s e-commerce platform. Additionally, the NOSHOK product offering will include a product selector with enhanced filters and categories developed by KYKLKO engineers to help customers find the right product for their application. KYKLO will apply their world-class SEO expertise to improve the visibility of NOSHOK’s offering. This means greater market attention, and more importantly, it will allow customers to find solutions centered around application-based product specifications.

The distributor’s customer service is improved because the e-commerce platform is open 24/7, providing enhanced product data, automatic feature comparison, and “drill down” product selection. Once the product is selected, the system will offer potential add-on products and accessories that are 100% compatible with the selected product. Once a bill of materials is selected, the order is automatically entered into the distributor’s business system, regardless of time or day of the week. On the topic of ERP interface, Remi Ducrocq, KYKLO President and Founder, stated: “The KYKLO platform is ERP system agnostic. Our system works with every distribution ERP system to date.”  

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For nearly half a century NOSHOK has been a pioneer in our industry by continually providing innovative solutions, unparalleled customer support, outstanding value and a broad offering of premium quality product lines. Established in 1967, NOSHOK, Inc. was one of the first companies to offer a liquid filled pressure gauge. This leading-edge feature ...