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Autoclavable LABOM Pressure Gauge for Pharmaceutical Applications

23 Jul 2019  |
The firm LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has developed a mechanical pressure gauge for the pharmaceutical industry that meets the most stringent hygienic requirements – one that is autoclavable.

Vessels and devices in the pharmaceuticals industry are frequently cleaned after use by CIP or SIP. Even such cleaning processes require gauges have a special structural design that is not only able to withstand the high temperatures but also the chemicals applied for cleaning. A further challenge is when the device needs sterilisation in an autoclave. The fractioned vacuum procedure normally used there, with ambient pressures of up to 3 bar and temperatures up to 140 °C, exert an enormous burden on the whole measuring system.

The firm LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH supplies a special solution: a mechanical pressure gauge with a stainless-steel case in nominal sizes NG63 and NG100 that satisfy the strictest hygienic specifications. Its structure was designed according to EHEDG guidelines, avoiding any crevices, rounding edges and all exterior surfaces of the case are finished with low surface roughness, to guarantee excellent cleanability. Furthermore, only high-grade, FDA approved materials are used.

The surfaces of all wetted parts are finished with Ra < 0.76 μm as standard, which complies with EHEDG Doc. 8 and ASME BPE SF3. For especially high demands, all metal surfaces of the measuring system (including the case and neck tube) can be finished to this quality. In addition, the wetted surfaces or even all surfaces can be supplied electropolished.

The device is naturally capable of unrestricted use of CIP and SIP. Moreover, the device can be autoclaved up to 140 °C for an hour.

All these properties make the LABOM pressure gauge of type BH8 interesting for numerous applications in the pharmaceutical industry. All process connectors normally used by the industry are available already. In addition, customer-specific process connections and other modifications present no problem for LABOM as a supplier of custom solutions.

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