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Reducing (Fugitive) Emissions with Electric Actuators

The hydrocarbon market is experiencing an electrification and Mokveld is part of that with electric actuated valves.

At present still, a vast amount of (control) valves in remote locations is actuated by natural gas and in view of sustainability, carbon footprint and environmental considerations this should be reconsidered. The actuator, positioner and control unit (e.g. pneumatic indicating instrument) cause fugitive emissions to atmosphere. Not taking the stem seal in account this could easily add up to 18.000 Nm3 year (also depends on frequency of movement) which is equivalent to the typical gas consumption of 10 families of 4 people in the Netherlands. What is even more worrying is that this relates to a Global Warming Potential of 1,000 tons of CO₂ equivalent per year.

In view of cost, efficiency and also carbon footprint air supply is not the best alternative either, specifically on smaller locations. In these cases an electric actuated control valve is a good alternative.

Where the availability of electric power cannot be guaranteed low power electric actuated valves could be considered. Direct Current low power actuators may be connected to the UPS or no‑break of the plant. In case the power requirement is low enough solar panel solutions with battery back-up assure the up-time of the valves.

Mokveld axial flow pressure balanced valves require very low forces to move and can be equipped with very low power electric actuators which also allow solar powered applications.

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