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Hong Kong Wastewater Plant Upgrades to Rotork Intelligent Electric Actuators

28 Mar 2023  |
Rotork IQ actuators have been installed at a wastewater pumping plant in Hong Kong. They were upgraded from older manual-operated valves to electric actuators with intelligent functionality built in.

This project included the construction of an underground wastewater balancing tank with a capacity of 16,000 cubic metres, a plant house with a ventilation system and improved deodorising facilities. These changes will increase the amount of wastewater that the site can process, as well as ensure there is no excess flow of treated water.

Nearly 50 actuators have been installed to operate the valves; IB multi-turn gearboxes combined with IQ actuators are being used on penstocks and gate valves on site. IQM actuators from the IQ3 range have been installed on the balancing tank system and sewage gas system. The IQM is the modulating duty version of the IQ 3-phase electric actuator, which features a solid-state reversing starter in place of the electro-mechanical contactors to allow faster response to changing position signals. To optimise positional control, the solid-state starter also adds an electronic motor ‘brake’ feature.

The intelligent IQ actuators are ideally suited to pumping station applications due to their robust environmental sealing. They have a double-sealed enclosure (IP66/68) and are, therefore ideally suited for water applications. Featuring highly reliable absolute position sensors and an intuitive user interface, the IQ actuators were selected to provide intelligent, automated valve operation.

Rotork’s knowledge and experience helped to provide the customer with the assurance of safe and reliable flow control supported by unrivalled levels of service. 

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