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Media Separated Solenoid Valves Series KDV

Media Separated Solenoid Valves Series KDV
The media-separating solenoid valves Series KDV are designed to control critical fluids such as aggressive, high-purity or temperature-sensitive fluids. To prevent the controlled fluid from interacting with the internal mechanical part of the valve, the orifices are opened or closed using a separating diaphragm, driven by an actuator.

In addition to protecting the controlled fluid from contamination or excessive temperature fluctuations, the diaphragm protects the actuator system from any possible corrosion caused by aggressive fluids.

Furthermore, the overall dimensions and reduced footprint allow easy and quick integration with manifold or subbase systems within small equipment as well as portable devices.

Its compact design, lightweight and low power consumption make the Series KDV the ideal solution for Life Science applications, such as mass spectrometry, liquid and gas chromatography and molecular analysis.

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